Chamot Limestone

This French stone is a hard, dense limestone containing many small fossils and veins. It is a slightly darker shade of cream when compared to our Portuguese limestone and is cross sawn and honed giving it a truly unique and distinctive appearance.


Mantel: Bolection (with shelf) in Chamot Limestone

Interior: Flamed Grey Granite Slips

Fire: Ariel 5S Inset Stove

Hearth: Flamed Grey Granite Hearth

Bolection with Cushion

Mantel: Bolection (with shelf and cushion) in Chamot Limestone

Interior: Majestic Arch Integra

Fire: Solid Fuel Integra

Hearth: Flamed Grey Granite

Victorian Classic

Mantel: Victorian Classic in Chamot Limestone

Interior: Honed Black Granite

Fire: Brooklyn with Bauhaus fret

Hearth: Honed Black Granite


Mantel: Warwick in Chamot Limestone

Interior: Chamot Limestone slips & Rustic Brown Cobble Chamber (Herringbone)

Fire: Staten Electric Stove

Hearth: Chamot Limestone


Fireplace: Windsor in Chamot Limestone

Chamber: Brickyard Reclaimed Brick Chamber

Fire: Columbia Gas Stove